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Our Rides

At Gunnamatta Trail Rides we’ve been offering the best trail rides around for over thirty-five years. Situated on the glorious Mornington Peninsula, we’re very lucky to be only a short ride from both the beach and the bush. So, whether you’re looking to step hoof onto the golden sands of St Andrews beach, or wind your way through the intrepid bushland trails – our experienced guides will be glad to find a horse that’s right for you and head out!

Who They’re For

Whether this will be your first time aboard a horse, or your millionth, we have horses and rides to fit your experience level.

Our Horses

All of our beautiful natured horses have been chosen for their safe temperaments and great attitudes towards work! When they’re not hard at work exploring the scenery with our riders, they can be found munching hay in the stables or in their paddocks.

How You Can Sign Up

Now that you’ve found out just how amazing Gunnamatta Trail Rides is, why not book in for one of our upcoming rides?!

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