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Person FINAL • No Changes • No Refund • No Credit • No Rescheduling
Person - Flexi Price Changes allowed 24hrs prior to scheduled Ride

A fun activity for the Family

This activity is for Families, where the Adults / Carers can join the Kids!
An introduction to Horse Grooming, Confidence Building, and Riding in the Arena.


Introduction to getting up close to a horse
Getting to know more about Horses and their personalities
Starting off with important Safety rules about being around horses
Building confidence around horses, and developing important life skills such as communication, confidence, and leadership amongst many other fun and important life skills

Leading for Confidence

Various challenges before mounting their horse
Getting to the next step of building their confidence level – leading their horses through various obstacles to encourage confidence and courage all whilst having fun in a team challenge

Mount up & Ride

Introduction to riding – a soft and fun introduction to riding a horse – with plenty of steering, stopping, and forward exercises to compliment the skill set learned in our grooming and leading exercises.
The group is also split into teams – this is where the fun games begin – relay race through cones, and patterns over poles amongst other fun balance games to help promote and encourage confidence, coordination and communication

What to Wear

Please ensure all riders are wearing long pants and fully enclosed shoes acceptable for riding a horse. Any rider arriving in unsuitable shoes will be provided with an option from our small selection – however, all sizes are not guaranteed.

Gunnamatta Trail Rides advises you to bring a jacket with you in case of rain, as rides will continue regardless of the weather – except in extreme storm conditions where you will be contacted to reschedule the booking.