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Here is your chance to create a lifetime of memories with your special family. You can spend an hour or an entire day by taking part in a range of adventures with your kids, or split up and meet them at the end of the day to share those wonderful stories.


Our Kids & Teens Programs are the safest and most adventurous experience supervised by qualified Adult instructors that gives you peace of mind while you explore an adventure from any one of our various Rides or Packages.

A huge number of parents choose to take advantage of the Kids Program so they can dedicate a portion of their day just with each other.

Some families do some of both- creating memories and lots of fun & laughter whilst they try a new adventure together but also find that little time apart to experience the joy of Horse Riding at the only place you’d want to be on the Mornington Peninsula.

Summer is the season where you can take part in Early Bird or Twilight Adventure Rides will be looked back on with fond memories for years to come.

The other special time of the year is during the Winter season where the family looks to take part in a unique family outing. Whether you are introducing your kids to Horse Riding for the first time, or taking a break from the same activities you’ve done for years, GTR provides a winter wonderland that is hard to match. Trail Rides, Lessons, Education Programs….the list goes.

Come join us at GTR for a memorable family experience that you’ll never forget. This is the time to take home more than just photos!

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