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It is a peaceful time of the day and one of the more enjoyable & intimate times to ride.

  • 2 hrs

  • Long Pants, Closed toe shoes

  • Water bottle, Camera or Phone

    • Suitable for 10yo+
    • Beginner suitable
  • 95kg strictly


Twilight Beach Ride

FROM $199 pp

Join us for an enchantingly romantic Twilight Beach Ride along the golden sands of St Andrew’s Beach at sunset.

We’ll start our journey from Gunnamatta stables where our experienced guides will greet you, and take you to meet the horses. Thanks to their years of experience, our guides will quickly find you an ideal equine match that will have you feeling safe, and secure for the duration of your journey.

As soon as you’ve mounted your new found friend for the next 2hrs, we’ll meander along the coastal bushland trails that surround Gunnamatta Stables. The ride to the beach is an experience in itself, with local wildlife and botany abundant, you’ll fall in love with the nature of Mornington Peninsula before you even set hoof onto the golden sands of St Andrew’s Beach.

As you approach the beach you’ll climb the sand dunes and catch your first glimpse of the ocean, upon stepping foot onto the beach.

The majesty of the scene is bound to leave you in awe, and is ideal for the most romantic times of your life, from an anniversary to a proposal, or just an incredibly romantic day out.

Weight Restrictions: For the safety of our customers and the health of our horses, we have a safety weight restriction. Too great a weight on a horse’s back can cause serious injury and thus we have a Customer maximum weight restriction of 95 kg. At the time of Booking, we ask that you discuss your weight, height and riding experience with our staff to ensure that Riders do not exceed the maximum Weight Restriction. Our Staff may ask Customers to be weighed on the day of the ride and if you have incorrectly advised us of your weight and we are unable to allow you to ride on the day, no refund will be given as per our Refund Policy in the Terms & Conditions.