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Riding Clubs

If you’re an experienced rider looking to improve your skills or a junior rider keen to be a part of a new club on the Mornington Peninsula then read on to discover more. Our 2 newest clubs will give you opportunities to connect with other riders, improve your skills and ride more regularly… something we all want to be able to do!

Little Gunna’s club

Our Little Gunna’s club is a Pony Club… just not how you know it. Members will learn from our highly qualified instructors in a safe & supportive environment with no expectation for volunteering or committee attendance from parents. The club is open to children 6 to 16 years of age and we welcome beginners through to experienced horse owners.

The Gunna Club

The Gunna Club has been developed for our experienced riders to give them greater opportunities to ride and connect with other passionate horse enthusiasts. Members must be experienced riders and membership to the club includes some amazing discounts & benefits.