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The Teen Program combines Riding Lessons, Horsemanship Education and plenty of Fun to keep your Teens active and engaged.
  • 5.5 hrs

  • Long Pants, Closed toe shoes

  • Water bottle, Camera or Phone

    • Suitable for 13yo - 17yo
    • Beginner suitable
  • 95kg strictly


Teens Program

FROM $225 pp

Along with our highly skilled team of adult instructors, we’ve been running programs for teens at Gunnamatta for over fifteen years. In that time, we’ve worked with kids and teens with all personalities, confidence levels, and ambitions. Through the years we’ve gained the knowledge and experience that has allowed us to create a program from the ground up that encourages responsibility, fosters curiosity, and nurtures friendships among our students!

We have had hundreds of happy teens come through our program, with teens coming back year after year, and parents praising our individual approach – we must be doing something right!

We welcome riders from complete beginners to avid competitors. Our team of highly experienced instructors work to create bespoke lesson plans based on each student’s ability and interests.

Weight Restrictions: For the safety of our customers and the health of our horses, we have a maximum safety weight restriction of 95 kg. All Customers are weighed in the office before they commence their ride if you have incorrectly advised us of your weight and we are unable to allow you to ride on the day, your booking will not be rescheduled and no refund will be given as per our Refund Policy in the Terms & Conditions.
Please call us to discuss in detail before making a booking with us.
Prior to your booking, you are required to advise us of any special needs and or disabilities or impairments of any kind such as but not limited to; Physical or Intellectual disabilities, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy/Fits, Fainting, Back Injury, Pregnancy, Heart Condition, Recent Injury, Allergic Reactions, Medications, or Other.
Gunnamatta Trail Rides reserves the right to conduct a pre-ride assessment in order to determine the riders ability before accepting any booking with an advised condition.  If a rider arrives on the day without advising us in advance of any special conditions / needs, and not given us time to prepare & arrange for a pre-ride assessment, the booking will not be rescheduled for another time and a refund will not be provided.