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Lockdown Horse Adoption

We want to get you out of the moment and create a new one for you!

Let’s pretend there is nothing stopping you for a moment! 

Let’s say we could improve your current lifestyle and mindset – why not adopt a horse for a month or more?

If you’re looking to escape the daily pressures of this current moment and start a journey that will improve your health & well-being, we have a solution.

 We have launched a Horse Adoption Program to offer relief and improvement to mental health during these restricting times.

The program will provide help and support in learning about horse care and connections but most importantly offer the opportunity to those struggling with lock-down to get out and experience a lifestyle of connection, well-being, confidence and empowerment, ( just to name a few)

This program will be offered for a limited time only during lockdown for the health and well-being of both horse and human.

Education and support in horse care, handling and riding (for those capable) is obviously included amongst the immense experiences of improvement in mental health and well-being.

The Horse Adoption Program will provide you with the following every day, plus so much more!

  • a sense of purpose
  • empowerment
  • freedom
  • love of an animal (a really big one)!
  • confidence
  • improve your mindset and relationships
  • family connections
  • improve connection & partnerships
  • physical activity
  • regulate anxiety and emotions
  • relieve stress
  • enjoy the outdoors on the Mornington Peninsula
  • invigorate your mind and soul
  • be in the (good) moment
  • improve your mental health

For a limited time, we are offering a month by month lease of our beautiful trail horses as a temporary adoption that will provide all of the above plus so much more!


  • You see and ride your horse as often as you like (under RSPCA regulations of animal care and responsibility in COVID restrictions)
  • You have exclusive access to the horse for the full term of adoption
  • Horses remain agisted at GTR
  • All costs relating to feed, farrier, health care & vet
  • Riding equipment – saddle & bridle, halter and grooming equipment
  • Discounts off Private Lessons (when allowed to operate)
  • Full usage of GTR facilities as agistment
  • Costs are from $1250- $1500 for the month pending involvement / program

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