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17th & 18TH October  9am – 4pm  BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Ground Control & Body Control Under Saddle (Ridden)

Double Dan Horsemanship introduces revolutionary horse training clinics that change relationships between horses and handlers. You will learn the foundation techniques of all Double Dan Horsemanship’s remarkable liberty acts.

The 2 day clinic will be structured such that it can be modified to focus in groups what you are specifically interested in. This may include, but is not limited to ground control with a focus on liberty work and body control under saddle. The first day of the clinic will include a non-riding group suitable for horses which are not under saddle.

Whether working with a young horse, refining an older horse or improving a riders understanding and control, these clinics will take you through the fundamentals to achieve flexibility and softness. Fence sitters welcome.


$375 per person – Includes tea & coffee. A deposit of $50 is required to secure your place.

PLEASE NOTE: This clinic is for horse and rider, designed around participants bringing their own horses.




Call us on  03 5988 6755 or fill out the form below today to secure your place

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