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By Maggie Partsi

There are very few animals that will willingly let you ride them… Or at least put up with you sitting on their backs for two hours straight without throwing you off and galloping for the hills. Due to this, the ones that do allow you this great privilege should be cherished and renowned through all the lands! Or Australia, at least.

Horse riding is a beloved pastime engaged in by many Australians, including myself. Of course, I didn’t actually know this until I tried horse riding for the very first time, and came out of the experience alive. That’s right, I survived! [Crowd goes wild, and such].

Upon arrival at Gunnamatta Trail Rides I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was led to a gigantic horse and told to hop on, but not before being handed a safety helmet which made me feel at least 68.24% more safe than I had previously felt. However, the fact that my horse appeared 26 times bigger than all the other horses (I may be exaggerating just a touch), was slightly less reassuring.

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