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Thank you once again for an amazing experience! – Maggie Partsi Digital Marketing Assistant Hitz 247. A lovely review written by one of our customers – read here

Awesome time!!! Loved Peppa. – Lauren

Blaze is so soft and special (actually spelt spusule) – Sienna & Shelton

I loved it. I’d called my horse Great Gus because he is one of the biggest horse. – Anaelle & Micciche

Chino was cheeky because she kept stopping to eat the grass. I loved it!!! – Violet

We had the best day. Thank you very much. – Mackenzie & Ang

I had fun riding Mav and I trotted and loved it. Thank you. – Summer

So much fun. Had Woody – so cute!! – Chelsea

Best fun that I’ve had ever!! – Olivia

Great ride. Loved the horses especially cheeky Eclipse. Lovely staff. – Renee & James

Sweet ride. Lovely horses. Had an awesome time!! – Delia & Spencer

Fantastic ride. Had so much fun. Definitely be back soon. – Leonie, Paul & Kate

Great less and will be coming back – thanks- Ella

Great birthday for Alan. Awesome staff. Lovely horses. Highly recommends to friends.Will try and be back. Thanks!! – Sherrie & Alane

Great friendly staff, fantastic, well maintained facilities – David & Rochelle

Big shout out to Home (Phil) & Peppa (Tam) Had a great time as always! Will be back! You all rule J – Tam & Phi

Amazing ride, had so much fun with Blaze – such a lovely horses! – Shanuko Singh

One word: AMAZING!! – Manny

Amazing ride, had so much fun with Blaze, such a lovely horse. – Shanuso

One word. AMAZING! – Manny

This was a friendly awesome way to begin riding a horse. Much appreciated. – Sarah Marshall

Awesome! Loved every minutes of it especially the beach. Will be back. – Mark & Sara

Awesome day out. Thank you for your encouragement and professionalism. Learnt some amazing facts about horses. Loved the beach too! – Matina, Anna & George

A really lovely experience. Lou Lou & Toby were great to ride and staff were very helpful. Thanks ! – Sally McKenzie & Tim Stevenson

Fantastic ride. Emma, Alex and Sash were really professional and careful. The horses were in excellent condition. Thanks for a great day. – Sue & Emily

Beautiful! Really enjoyed it. Great staff. – Courtney & Harley

I loved riding Mav. I had lots of fun. – Elyssa

It was really great fun. I enjoyed it. I want to do it again. – Lily Rose

It was great. Awesome. Fantastic – Jessa

It was AWESOME!! – Rosie

I thought it was great fun! – Anaerl

Chewy was amazing. Thank you. Lovely ride – Manoa

Beautiful horses and kind staff. Thank you. – Karina & Valeria

Thank you for letting us ride your horses. It was great fun. – Taylah & Hayley

Thank you for an amazing ride we all enjoyed it. – Zoe, Ashlea & Jorja

Amazing ride and amazing views. Instructors were friendly and easy to talk to. Thank you. – Charlotte

Thanks for a great experience. We had so much fun riding Bob & Bart. – Mia & Alva

Hello staff and horses at Gunnamatta Trail Rides. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for making me love horse riding even more than I did before I started riding with you. All of your horses are so sweet and friendly (except to each other/ sometimes) I have been on lots of you rides ad everyone of them has been as memorable as the next. Once again I would like to thank all of you for the lovely experience! – Julia xo

Thank you for the awesome horse ride on the beach. The instructions were awesome so was channel. – Britney

Thanks for the ride – Tay

Thanks for a lovely ride. Amazing scenery at the beach – Donna

Awesome guys & beautiful Jet.- Andrea

It was really fun and I liked riding Gus & Bruiser.- Brianna

Fantastic ride, lovely staff and wonderful horses. Thanks Lou Lou & Dusty Thanks you.- Laura & Ashlee

That was so much fun, loved Porker – Toby. Will def do it again. Nina was terrific, gave lots of info and made the trip even more enjoyable. Thanks you.- Richard & Christine

Rose was a gem, speed is what I love and she was perfect. Stefanie and I loved everywhere and every minute.- Biance & Stafanie

I like how Gus would only trot when I said someone was overtaking him. Great time!- Jake

I really enjoyed riding charlotte ad riding on the beach. I want to do it again – Talia

I really enjoyed it. I had a great time riding on the beach – Alannah

A great time, Keep it up ☺ – Julian

I loved the horse, it was the best time ever – Lili

Thanks for the great ride. Totally loved it! – Sharon

It was fantastic! Riding on Scully – Mariette

Thanks for a great ride – Kathryn

Thanks for the great ride. Theo rocks ☺ – Lisa, Basti

I rode woody. He was the best fun, I will definitely come back again!! I love horses! – Olivia

Lovely ride, horses were very well behaved. Guides were great, Thanks! – Torster, Disa, Karin

Great experience fantastic horses and staff, Thank you! – Hong, Albert

It was so fun and on the beach my horse chewy loved the water, Thanks Gunnamatta!! – Ruby

Wonderful ride and efficient staff. Excellent morning – Miranda & Charlie

Rose, Blaze and Peppa were Awesome. Fantastic guides and beautiful morning!! – Jennie, Minnie, Valentina

Fantastic, Great guides and lovely horses. A+!! – Andrew and Monika

Everything was excellent – Joe was lovely horse, instructions for any beginners and Ella and Nina fantastic guides. Thank you for a lovely ride. – Samantha

Awesome experience – Thanks for a great adventure – Ahil, Joyti

Lots of love! Great trail leaders – Virginia

Awesome, Great experience!! – Nana

I had a wonderful day with Lil, she love stretching her neck ☺ my first anniversary, thanks ladies! – Ladan

I had a wonderful day with Lil, she love stretching her neck ☺ my first anniversary, thanks ladies! – Ladan

From Italy and Russia with love, was unbelievably beautiful, THANKS! – Marco & Ksenia

Awesome! Really, really fun. A great birthday present. The horses were all really good natured. Something I will remember – Ashleigh, Maddie, Sierra, Reena

Fantastic ride, thanks Eclipse and jet and Kerry and Alex for taking us! xx – Katie and Lisa

I had an absolute blast on Eclipse, I wish I could come and ride every day, he as the best! – Holly

Awesome amazing ride, Fantastic staff and I absolutely fell in love with Arly, my son loved Chewy xx – Carly and lincoln

Fantastic ride, Peppa was an awesome horse – had a great time – Lauren

Lovely people, lovely horses, they are well trained. Very good experience for the children and adults – Ivy

I love horses and that is why I chose to ride! – Robbyn

Thanks so much to everyone here at Gunnamatta! Plus went off without a hitch. Will definitely recommend to family and friends. – Wes, Liz

Fantastic! Thank you – AWESOME. Thank you Jacky and Sam and of course Homer. Was lots of fun, Dusty was cheeky and Hungry ☺- Chris, Renee, Adrian, Rachel, Toni, Barbie, Kirsty

It was a wonderful experience with the staff and horses. The views were breathtaking. Definitely recommending our friends here!! – Johannesson

Thanks for much to everyone here at Gunnamatta! Plant went off without a hitch. Will definitely recommend this to friends & family – Wes & Liz

Fantastic! Thank you! Awesome. Thank you Jacky – Anne & Jacnta

It was such an amazing experience. Thanks to Chuck & Dusty – Courtney & Daniel

Great guides & horses, perfect weather and great all round experience – Luke & Kate, Wheelers Hill

Thanks for a great experience. Horses were very relaxed. Beach was beautiful – Heather & Chris, Warragul

OMG! Awsome staff and ride. Thank you. You rock – Susie Nekic, Rita O’Brien

Absolutely lovely time! Amazing instructors, gentle horses, great scenery. Thank you so much – Rachel & Jetson

Best ride ever with Sash!!! Great clear instructions. Jordan is the bomb. Will be back! – Gemma, James & Katie

Thanks so much, It was a lot of fun and Lil is a great horse (Eclipse) too! – Matt & Emily Blind Bight

Best birthday ride ever! Thanks for making it a special day! – Jenny & Tim

Thank you so much for a beautiful and informative ride and day! The beach trail ride was so gorgeous and reminds you to appreciate the simple things in life! xxx – Theresa & Mary

OMG it was amazing. I wish I can do it everyday!! – Haley

Jackie was fantastic! Best trial ride we have done. Had a ball, thanks Jackie – Elissa & Emma

The trail was beautiful. Thanks Chuck for a great ride – Alex

Love it, especially the canter along the beach. We’ll be back for more fun! – Geoff & Amber

Still the best trail facility on the east coast. So good to see the horses well fed and carded for. Guides were great as well. Very thorough. Thank you! Again :) – Jo

Best experience ever on Charlotte can’t wait to come back – Holly

St Andrews trail ride was awesome and had good view. Thanks for the experience – Stephanie

First ride EVER best ride EVER!! – Caitlin

Thanks for a fantastic day! Great way to start a birthday :) xx – Veronica & Jon

We had a great time and your management is excellent. We would recommend your business to friends and family ect. – Heather (66 yr old beginner)

I want a horse now hah best birthday present every! Jordan the horse was lovely :) – Eily, Stu & Jess – UK & Ireland


Had a great ride. Chino has a beautiful canter. Had an absolute ball – Larissa

Happy one-year baby :) + :] – Monica & Azza

I’m finally here! – Nik

Excellent time. Scenic and extremely relaxing – Bernard & Lindsay

First time! Loved it :) – Frances & Lena


Great begginer lesson – Arthur – Melbourne

Thank you for getting me back in the saddle again! Wonderful! – Debbie Smith

Wow, we loved it!! Claudia & Harley – Saratoga NSW

Audrey is a beautiful and gentle horse. Rachel was a fantastic staff member, very helpful, patient and friendly. A great experience. Felicity – Melbourne.

First time riding a horse, great! Kashfi – Dhaka, Bangladesh

New to horse riding YAY! Kiva – Beijing China

Absolute experience of a lifetime! Thank you – Tanya and Dan Kensington

Dana & Shondra gave us a fantastic ride, very well controlled horses, safe and fun! Thanks Tony – Melb

Thank you for a great ride! Bye to Jordan, Jet, Porka and Gus. David, Corrina, Hayden & Isla – Fleet UK

Great Dad and Son Day! Thank you. Stuart & Lachlan Somerville

It was great. Thanks so much to you guys (and Rosie & Porka!). Claire and Georgia – Melbourne

FUN,FUN,FUN! Plannerer, Anna, Maria – 92249 Vilseck Germany

Fabulous – couldn”t take the smile off my face. Mark & Corina – Murwillumbah NSW

Wonderful, highly recommend! Hope to come again soon. Thanks Jasper, awesome leader!! Crystal Joy and Shaun

It was so much fun and the horses are great. Emma – Nunawading

Amazing day, horses were great. Jade – Deer Park

Worth the money! 10/10 Was a great ride and the girls were great too (Ashly & Paula) thanks girls – Chermaine and Alex

So worth it! We loved it. Definitely a great experience. Nakisa & Navid – Florida USA

Lulu is one lovely girl! Such a great day, thankyou. Simone – Cranbourne

Beautiful horses and lovely guides. Zoe & Gary – Mordialloc

Had a wonderful chat with Jackie and Lily was incredibly responsive. What a great change! – Grace – Frankston

Awesome ride on Theo & Lil. Thanks guys. – Emma & Will C – Wagga Wagga NSW

Was AMAZING!Could do that everyday for the rest of my life -Brittany- Melbourne

Lovely horses, friendly instuctors and staff = Fun! – Niela and Maiya

Kaptain is a legend – gun of a horse!! Joseph N – Vic 3044

Great scenery, beautiful horses – Patrycja Z – Aust

Thank you for a great day! Zahra family – Greenvale Vic

Great or my grandchildren! Guidilski W – Vasa, Finland

Fun ride, beautiful scenery! Jen & Andy – Melbourne

Awesome ride, thank you!! Sheena & Izaak – Warragul

Bloody great time!! Thanks. Erin & Adi – Melbourne

Had Gen; fantastic!! So nice, great day. Jesse G – Warrandyte

It was an exhilarating experience. I loved Rose alot! Thank you for this experience. Kuthila – Bundoora

It was so great! Chan Fai Nyon – Box Hill

Terrific care taken by the two young women who took us, especially the rider on Joe. (Well done Dana!!) Anne J, Tim & Kelsey – Melbourne

Really great. Had a ball – Lil was fun! Jones family – Beaumaris

Lovely thanks – the girls were great! Jen and Pip – Surrey Hills

That was Awsem!! Robert & Brianna C – Canterbury

Thank you – wonderful! George M – Cheltenham

Thank you, great – feel a little sore! Emma and Di – Doncaster E

Thank you, loved it!! Janelle and Dean – Croydon

Had the best time riding Jordan! Emily – Mansfield

Awesome ride, rode Theo! Sue H – Mansfield, Vic

It was great! Loved it. Hamza S – Fitzroy North Iraq

Great! Mia and Sarcha – U.K.

Speechless! Best ride I ever had. Amazing! Matilda, Ellie, Ebony – Bonbeach / Aspendale

Was a great day! Brian – U.K.

Awesome, brilliant. Thank you! Martine & Pippi – Castlemaine

Thank you for the ride today, it was really fun! Stella – Binna Burra NSW

Fantastic intro to horses for my 10 year old son from a long time rider. Kathryn H – Hillside

Great way to spend my birthday, had lots of fun! Katie G – Mt Martha

Thank you! It was fun and it was good trotting – Imogen

They had a fabulous time, thankyou Tom and Lucy A – Ormond

It was awesome! Georgia B – Kensington

Amazing views at the beach!! – Caroline A

Thanks, we had a great day (& Matt was really great) – Donna, Bailey and Mayah

Beautiful day, lots of fun! Tysha & Adelyn G

Ele loved the beach and Grace had a grat time! Sally, Grace and Eleanor – Woodend

Was awesome!! Ferj, Alda & Martin – Czechoslovakia

Had a lovely anniversary date! Thanks Ashley for the canter and chat and thanks Matt for saving my necklace charm! Loved it all and Kate xx

Brilliant – thanks! Matt T. – Docklands

Awesome ride! Emily T. – Tasmania

Great ride – thank you Cath N

Fantastic, thank you. Danielle S. – St Kilda

Great ride and the girls were v nice. Michelle, Alyssa and Rapri

It was fantastic,. Charlotte was a beautiful horse as well as the others. Thanks to Zoe

Great ride and Megan was a great leader – Ross & Elysha

We came for my wife’s birthday, great time, loved the scenery and the guides. Thanks – Jose and Fatima

Absolutely awesome, loved it – Martin L

Loved it!! – Shirley and Hayley

Awesome, Spud was great – we loved our trail ride – Zoe and Joey

Eclipse was a great horse and the staff were really nice. We had heaps of fun – Ingrid

On holiday from Scotland. Very good ride. Danny

It was awesome, I will definitely come here again! – Isabel

Fantastic, friendly staff and horses. WIll be back! – Maree

It was the best ride ever!! I love Mr Ed! – Mandy M.

Great riding, loved Spud and trotting. I’ll be back! Alice K.

Fun, Fun, Fun – E Lundley – Mt Eliza

Amazing time! Natalie, Carla & Samantha

Fantastic, kids loved it!! Michelle, James & Jack – Berwick

Fantastic – Thanx. Suz, Sean and Tom – Rosebud

Enjoyed every minute! Michele Unger – Portsea

Amazing experience! Eleace – Melbourne

Chanel was so good! Awesome. I loved Porcha, he was great. – Alice and Izzi – Mt Eliza

Couldn’t have been better!! Lil was the best. Adam and Morgan – Melbourne

Great!! Loved it Eleanor – Sandringham

Epic!! Sid – St Kilda

Fantastic, loved it! Cristian – Wheelers Hill

As a birthday surprise, this was an experience of a life time. Horses Jordan & Charlotte were a dream and Sash went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you. – Maryann and Steve I

Instructors: Kerry & Sash – lovely girls – Grazie! Great experience!! I got more confident thanks to the girls and my beautiful horse. Will be back for sure. Thank you – Sara

Thanks for my first time back on a horse after 1 year. I wont forget it. See you soon for the Greens Bush – Luca!

Best surprise birthday present ever!!! Coco and Sadie were beautiful. Thank you. – Laura and Stefanie

Scully was great! The leaders were very professional. Great ride. – Irena

Best behaved horses, great staff! – Mel Awesome fun! I’ll never walk straight again!!! Loved the ride, scenery and beach. Beautiful!! Thank you – Siobhan and Mat

Beautiful, loved the horses – Roxi and Haiyi Brilliant ride, healthy, happy horses and super friend people – loved it! – Sarah and Marley

Absolutely fantastic. Instructors – Donna & Nina were brilliant. Such a thrill and beautiful animals. – Andrew and Bruna

Wow, was an amazing experience. Thank you. Great horses, trotting was amazing. – Lisa and James

A much awaiting experience finally fulfilled!!! Loved it totally. Thanks Jordan and all the amazing staff here. – Pooja

Great fun! Staff were awesome and helpful, had a great ride! – Philly Had a great ride and the horses are beautiful. Would love to come and ride a lot more. – Rebecca and Aaron

The ride was beautiful, especially the beach – Zain and Basimah

Ride great. Jackie and Sash – great staff! – Helen and Co. Chewy chewed grass. My legs are jelly. Ride was worth the jelly. Jet is like a jetpack and peckish too! Best present ever!!

Awesome riding definitely will be coming here again in the future – Jeff & Sonia Younger

So much fun – canter along the beach was epic! Cheers :) – Sarah & Caittin

Absolute beginner & a wonderful experience will love to do again – Susan & John<

Absolutely wonderful ride, horses & professional staff. Thankyou it was 10/10 – Elizabeth, Beth & Kara

Absolutely fantastic – so much fun Thankyou! – Debbie Stoneman

This is best time of my LIFE!! – Zia Ava

Had an amazing time Thankyou – Natalie T

Best 21st present ever!! All the staff were very accommodating & great, Coming again with dad to do the 3hr ride, Cant wait whoo!! – Chantelle P

Celebrating 2 years together with a weekend away, Great fun riding the horses to the beach Thanks xo – Scott & Ebony

such an amazing experience!! – Ellie

On our Honeymoon! Absolutely fantastic will be back THANKYOU!! – Jason & Vanessa Langdon

3rd time ridin here and love it all the same. Great experience to get me back in the saddle & bruise my bum again. Great friendly satff pleases :) – Laura M

Awsome all day Greens bush ride. Absolutly fantastic, I loves it!! Lots of cantering & great Sceenery Thanks Alex – Fay

Scary, fun, exciting to ride the trail, loved packing up the arena too. – Willow Norgate 8yrs

The staff were so friendly & kind Georgie was very patient with us & taught us lots of great stuff I cant wait to ride again THANKS guys :) – Mietta Young

Fantasitc experience I felt safe the entire time but also had a great adrenaline thrill! Thanks Guys :) – Shona Butcher & Doug Bagley

Had an amazing time!! The instructors are great & Chuck & Blaze were great companions. Thankyou – Miytaba & Lohra

Great way to spend a morning, Beautiful friendly staff :) – Karen Couch

Great program for the kids – Anna Cani

Great Fun – John on Chewy

Nice Experience :) Thankyou :) – Andrea & Valeria

Rode Chanel Loved her xx – Caylin Q

Jock was so cute – Daisy

My bum hurts but I liked the horses – Sarah Badway

Had fun braiding sparky & Penelope! Thanks for the fun & Fab memories we made here :) – Tali & Erin

We loved Arly & Dusty, They were very nice – Rosie & Siena

I loved riding Arly, Thankyou for all of the fun memories :) – Annabelle Brown

I had so much fun riding Woody. Thankyou for the fun & unforgettable memory :) – Shayla Nguyen

Chino was fun to ride – Hayley

Homer was really funny so I had a great time. Thanks for the opportunity :)- Tara

I Loved Chanel!! – Olivia

Alex was awsome Had a great rid :) – Emily

Woody was fun to ride Thankyou – Jess

I Love Bart – Edith

Hells yeah bucks weekend with da horses Yeeeeha! – Nicadawg, Roberto,Bernie

Many thanks Bekim for your Flexibility in helping us out greatly appreciated & most enjoyable ride also. Angie was Terrific. – Kerry & Tara

Thanks heaps Nel, the rise was awesome & appreciated your professionalism & help on the ride – Bronwyn Grass

That was truly fun! Thanks Jenine for a wonderful trip bringing back childhood memories! Will definitely come back here! – Markus & Lydia

What a great Experience – Need to take lessons to enjoy even more. – Viv

Had a great ride and so happy the horses are so well behaved Thanks Teagan & Elly! Will love to come back – Kassie

Toby was the greatest horse ill miss my friend – Fred

Lots of fun! David Canter on Rose was a dream come true! Loved Peppa’s laid back demeanour she read me like a book. – Erin & David

Chino was so much fun to ride! Thank you for a great time – Cecilia

Blaze was a little (big) angel! – Darcee

Chenel was a big sweet hart Thankyou for a wonderful ride – Lucy

Chewy can be a little stubborn, but he was really fun to ride on! Thanks for an awesome ride – Kavya

Rose is the boss!!! – Daniel & Rachel

Great Ride! Channel was awesome!! – Eliza Smith

It was the best ride ever! – Carlie

It was so much fun, My horse was Jet I loved it! – Olivia Salvo

I had a lot of fun & what I liked about it was that he was fast ! His name is Woody – Amelia

I had a great time, my horses name was Jock he was really good but a bit cheeky! – Bella

We had a great time my horses name was bruiser he was very fun but cheeky – Ashley

I had Bob & he was a good horse – Jamie

I did the St Andrews Beach ride, I rose Jet the beach was beautiful but windy, definitely a memorable experience! – Sophie

What a fantastic & memorable experience, the beach was absolutely breathtaking. The Guides were experiences & by your side at all times – Joanne

I Absolutely loved every minute of this experience something to never forget! Thank you :) – Fatin

It was so great & when I got on Bruiser he was my best friend! I love horse riding :) – Emma

I love george, A very Memorable experience Thank you – Jolene

George was a beautiful horse it was a great experience – Lily

Thank you for making this day so special, It was an amazing ride – Christie & Samual

One off the bucket list beautiful Dusty, Fantastic beach & scenes – Bronwyn

I loved it so much – Niko

Giddy up!! Yeehaw!!! Loved it :) Thankyou to our leader Jill & the big boys Chuck & Joe – Amy & Andrew

I love Pykie she is awesome thank you nina & Ash you’re really good horse riders – Hattie

Lovely B’day present, what a great safe way to enjoy your ride Thanks Guys :) – Rose

Great birthday present had a great canter along the beach, Staff very friendly & chatty Cheers – Meredith

We enjoyed the ride friendly staff too Thanks!! – Dennis

Fantastic ride!! Thankyou great & friendly staff :) – Nita & Bronte

Great Birthday present thanks for the ride Blaze – Zach

It was awesome we both loved it and we are coming back for sure 100% awesome Thanks Guys – Rain & Grant Puulton

Has a great time, The instructors were fantastic & the horses even more so :) – Teagan Bennett

Thankyou, I had a wonderful time the horses were great & obviously well looked after, the leaders were very friendly & we enjoyed the ride. – Clare

Thankyou, It was an amazing ride, I will come again – Muhammad

BEST PARTY EVER!!!! :) – Ella, May, Frankie, Lola, Ilona

Really awesome – Titus Aparci

Best thing ever!! Legs are sore! – Deanna Moses

Absolutely amazing, loved every moment :) definitely coming back thanks! – Eloise Bloomfield

Coming back fantastic – Lisa Bloomfield

I love horse riding! I want a white horse! – Emma Purcell

I love horse riding! – Mia Purcell

That was awesome – Holly Luxmoore

Fun Trail ride # awesome – Isabella

3 Hr Trail Ride on Lu Lu, Absolutely fabulous time Thankyou to Donna :) I will be back soon – Dawn

Love the idea of the beach & bathe ride look forward to it!! – Kerry

I was so much fun I love Woody – Ella

Charlotte is a really sweet horse “unforgettable experience” – Lily

It was so much FUN – Alex

It was Awesome – Phoebe

It was an awesome day – Eliscia

Great fun THANKYOU – Netania, David, Mark

Real cute ranch feeling well treated by Jess keep up the good work – Robert & Denise

Had an amazing time we will be back for more rides Thank you –

Toby was a gentle giant, so relaxing Ali was very well behaved & Relaxing – Mark & Maree

Lovely ride Theo & Toby were very well behaved great scenery – Chelsea & Michael

Coco is a pretty & nice horse – Nice ride – John, Sardy, Josh

Woody is the best horse in the world – Ella

Ali & Eclipse were truly amazing, Thank you for a fantastic day, A great Birthday surprise indeed, cannot wait to comeback – Jessica & Adam

I had a fantastic time riding Homer & seeing the beach as well I had lots of fun trotting as well! I had a blast!! – Genevieve

Happy Birthday to my beautiful bestfriend – Great day horse riding & beautiful views, had beautiful horses Scully & Eclipse – Rechel & Kristy

Sash was amazing, I had heaps of fun Spud was nodded to everything I said :) The treasure hunt was soooooo cool as well!! I sure will be back – Ben

I loved ridding Bob he was brilliant – Kaitlyn

Ella & Teagan were awesome!! Thanks heaps guys! Best Birthday EVER – Hannah & Raith

It was epic & Awesome it was great! I loved it thanks Loved MR ED cant wait to go again! – Mia

It was really fun! I thought Blaze was awesome – Jessica & Adam

I love Gus, I want to come back I loved horse riding today – Bridget

A lovely relaxing horse ride, lovely scenery good horses & lovely guides – Annabel

It was a great experience and the horses were very friendly – Molly

Ash & Jess were fantastic instructors – Kim & Billy

It was so interesting to learn so much about horses, I rode Pixie for the trail ride & George in the lesson & I drew on Bart & brushed Bruiser THANKYOU!!!!! – Sophie

Awesome to learn about horses & I love horses now Thanks – Oliver

I learnt on a horse named George & I had so much fun! I learnt how to trott it was so much fun! – Henry

I had a horse called Woody and he was very good & always at the front I loved learning how to trott – Eliza

I had Spud, I was really fun I cant wait to come back again, We learnt to trott – Mollie

I really like Jedda he is really cheeky – Hattie

Paris was great I loved the beach – Cayleigh

Above & Beyond our expectations, Fantastic Staff, Even in bad weather it was amazing THANKYOU – Ashleight 8th Birthday Party

Loved the ride beautiful horses & Exceptional Staff – Talia & Vanessa

Lovely ride !! – Danny & Kristel

It’s a great experience horse riding My horse was Ali he was lovely, I enjoyed it so much – Danni Yang

I love Gunnamatta!!! – Hattie

Best time ever!! So much fun :) lovely on the beach Thank you – Grace

First time on a horse, loved the experience, awesome friendly staff, Definitely recommend – Chris & Naomi

Awesome fun 3rd time here & it never gets old, the horses are gentle & well trained – Jacqui

Bob is adorable. He’s always trying to
Sneak some grass to eat. Definitely will go for another ride when I get the chance ☺ The Caretakers have done amazing with all of the hoses. They are so well trained & pleasant to be around. The trotting was definitely the best part & the view was amazing. Thank you!- Jessica

Kids Program awesome. Best time ever – Laura

I think I fell in love with Homer already! – Ashley

I really enjoyed my ride with Scully especially cantering on the beach – Lisa

It was a super cool ride on the beach, very nice people! – Francesco

Fun times! – Bec, Phe, Nick & Gem

Love you forever! – Jason

Good service and nice teacher – Alan

It was awesome! – Steve

Lots of fun and must come back ☺ – Anna

Great, amazing views. Lady who took us was fantastic – Polly

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  • Fantastic! Thank you – AWESOME. Thank you Jacky and Sam and of course Homer. Was lots of fun, Dusty was cheeky and Hungry ☺ Chris, Renee, Adrian, Rachel, Toni, Barbie, Kirsty

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