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Fun Facts

Did you know, the average horses heart weighs in at around 4kg Did you know, a young female horse is called a filly and a young male horse is called a colt Did you know, just like us horses have baby teeth, which they lose around 3-5 years old Did you know, horses hooves are made of the same protein as human hair and fingernails Did you know, in Queensland it's still constitutional law that all pubs have a railing outside for patrons to tie up their horses Did you know, in New York City it is illegal to open or close an umbrella in the presence of a horse, in case it gives it a fright and unseats the rider. GTR_Horse_Facts_27 GTR_Horse_Facts_26 GTR_Horse_Facts_25 GTR_Horse_Facts_24 GTR_Horse_Facts_23 GTR_Horse_Facts_22 GTR_Horse_Facts_21 GTR_Horse_Facts_20 GTR_Horse_Facts_19 GTR_Horse_Facts_18 GTR_Horse_Facts_17 GTR_Horse_Facts_16 GTR_Horse_Facts_15 GTR_Horse_Facts_14 GTR_Horse_Facts_13 GTR_Horse_Facts_12 GTR_Horse_Facts_11 GTR_Horse_Facts_10 GTR_Horse_Facts_9 GTR_Horse_Facts_8 GTR_Horse_Facts_7 GTR_Horse_Facts_6 GTR_Horse_Facts_5 GTR_Horse_Facts_4 GTR_Horse_Facts_3 GTR_Horse_Facts_2 horse-riding-fun-facts-quotes



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