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Our Horses

We have 75 beautiful, healthy and gentle horses that can be ridden by any rider at any age and experience level.

Of varying breeds, all our horses have friendly temperaments, with appropriate characteristics for the trail ride service being offered.


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They are used to being handled by both trained staff and inexperienced riders. We trust that you will connect with your mount during this memorable journey.

Condition & Welfare Management
All of our horses are in excellent health and condition. We maintain regular cyclic programs that concentrate on the key areas of the horse’s condition and welfare:

  • Weight Management
    We hand feed with premium quality feed after each and every ride to ensure the horses maintain condition.
  • Daily Inspection
    10 point Health check.
  • Daily Grooming
    Intensive routine to prevent rain scald, girth galls and saddle sores.
  • Hoof Care
    Fortnightly farrier care.
  • Worming
    6 week prevention program.
  • Tack Check
    Daily and weekly review to monitor condition and ensure safety and proper fitting.

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  • Thanks for much to everyone here at Gunnamatta! Plant went off without a hitch. Will definitely recommend this to friends & family Wes & Liz

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Our Beautiful Horses